At Kor-Chem, we are committed to creating innovative and sustainable chemical solutions that help improve the way the world works. Through innovations in science and technology, we achieve progress across many industries with sustainable chemical solutions.


Founded in 1972, Kor-Chem formulates and manufactures specialty chemical solutions. Through the acquisition of LCM, Inc. (2006), Sundry Tech Inc. (2008), Brewers Printing Ink of Georgia (2012), and TW Graphics Florida/J&S Inks (2015), Kor-Chem has become a trusted leader and resource for screen printing chemical supplies.

With over 2,000 products, Kor-Chem serves graphic artists and screen print companies. Products include coatings, cleaners, adhesives, and pigment dispersions. Today, Kor-Chem continues to expand and diversify its customer base and product offerings.


At Kor-Chem, R&D is fundamental to our core. We focus on new technology that helps drive the creation of chemistry-based solutions for real world applications. We use an individualized approach, new ideas, and the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers.


At Kor-Chem, we consider our products, supply chain, corporate initiatives, and business practices in our holistic approach to sustainability. Our sustainability goal is a starting point in our journey of continuous improvement. We aim to make lasting transformations with enhanced technology by reducing our ecological footprint, resource consumption, and waste production.