Screen Printing Equipment - Kor-Chem

Screen Printing Equipment

InPro TigerClean automatic screen reclaiming systems are the very best in automated screen cleaning solutions. These third-generation systems are completely automated and very efficient. The...

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Screen Developing Machine - Kor-Chem

Screen Developing Machine

The All New InPro TC-Combi-EcoScreen Automation for Pre-Press & Post-PressWhen you are looking to reduce your labor time and work more efficiently, our Combi-Eco is...

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Reclaiming Screens - Kor-Chem

Reclaiming Screens

I’m just starting out, what do I need to clean my screens? Reclaiming screens is much more cost-effective than needing to replace them. If you...

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Silk Screen Dip Tank - Kor-Chem

Silk Screen Dip Tank

Kor-Chem dip tank systems are a great solution for streamlining screen cleaning operations. Silk screen dip tanks help you save time and money by creating...

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Dip Tank Solution for Silk Screen Printing - Kor-Chem

Kor-Chem's Dip Tank Solutions

Combine Kor-Chem Dip Tank Systems and screen printing supplies for the greatest value and savings. Kor-Chem has one-stop shopping for dip tank equipment and screen...

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