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Kor-Chem's Dip Tank Solutions


Combine Kor-Chem Dip Tank Systems and screen printing supplies for the greatest value and savings. Kor-Chem has one-stop shopping for dip tank equipment and screen printing supplies. Our dip tank solution products have industry leading performance and value. They last longer and clean more screens than most other products. Why? Because we use the latest chemical technology. Our solutions are optimized for dip tank use.
Kor-Chem dip tank solutions are 2 products in 1! We combine the ink removal and emulsion removal products into one product. This product reduction creates savings on chemical consumption. Kor-Chem offers two different one step solutions to use in your dip tanks.
Kor-Chem’s Silk Screen Dip Tank Products
Complete is a super-fast acting, one-step product. It removes ink, block out, emulsion, and capillary film from the screen all at once. Complete begins to work on contact. It removes all types and combinations of inks and emulsions. Complete streamlines screen reclaiming, decreases labor, and reduces chemicals needed. The end result of using Complete? A reduced cleaning cost per screen!
Our other dip tank solution is CP-2.  It is also a one-step product that removes ink, block out, emulsion, and capillary film from the screen all at once. CP-2 begins to work on contact and removes all types and combinations of inks and emulsions. CP-2 streamlines screen reclaiming and decreases labor costs. CP-2 also consolidates products needed while dramatically reducing the cleaning cost per screen.
Our Products are Safe for Users
Kor-Chem dip tank solutions are biodegradable and non-hazardous. They have zero VOCs, are non-flammable, and are super low odor. These are excellent environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning water-based and plastisol inks.
Our solutions are versatile and designed to be used in a variety of ways. Our solutions can be used in either manual spray applications or in dip tank applications.

Instructions for cleaning screens using our dip tank products:
Fill dip tank with water and then add the concentrated Kor-Chem dip tank product. It will need to be diluted with water at the recommended ratio. Actual dip tank solution concentration may vary based on several factors. The mesh count of the screen, the types of ink and emulsion used, and the amount of ink left on the screen are all factors in solution concentration. 
Once printing is complete, scrape excess ink from the print side of the screen. Place screens in dip tank with solution for approximately 1 to 3 minutes to soften the emulsion. Next, pull the screen out of the dip tank. Allow excess solution to drain off the screen and back into the dip tank. Bring your screen to the washout booth. Apply a Kor-Chem Screen Wash, Stain Remover & Degreaser such as Bio-1. Use this on both sides of each screen and scrub. Apply a high-pressure rinse to both sides of the screen to remove excess ink and stains from the screen. Flood rinse the entire screen with low-pressure rinse to remove residual chemical. Finally dry your screens and then they are ready for reuse.
Kor-Chem dip tank solutions provide performance and value for your screen printing needs.