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InPro TigerClean automatic screen reclaiming systems are the very best in automated screen cleaning solutions. These third-generation systems are completely automated and very efficient. The TigerPro automatic screen reclaim machines are modular and designed to be expandable. InPro TigerClean machines provide the highest quality in any use. Their engineering design focuses on safety, dependability and flexibility. InPro machines are an affordable way to optimize screen washing and reclaiming. They are a great choice to help fill all your screen printing equipment needs.

InPro manufactures quality screen printing equipment which provides cost and time-saving solutions! InPro offers a full range of automatic screen cleaning and reclaiming systems. And the new machines come with screen developing and rinsing concepts.

TigerClean Reclaim Screen Printing Equipment Features

InPro TigerClean reclaim series machines feature:

• An integrated screen reclaiming machine with three chambers. Their functions are ink cleaning, emulsion removal, and high pressure washing. The chambers have separate cleaning modules. This helps to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the waste and consumption of chemicals.

• High safety ratings and are CE-safe rated and compliant.

• Recyclable chemical solutions to reduce chemical use and costs. Adding small amounts of fresh chemicals to the current solutions is "spiking". This extends the chemical life and avoids having to start over with a full refill as often. Extending the use of the existing chemicals and requires less new chemicals.

• A special InPro brush system in the ink removal chamber. These unique brushes give extra cleaning power for the best-in-class results. These soft touch brushes will not damage the screen mesh. And there is no need for an expensive filtration of the inks.

• Less risk of ghost images. Our cleaning results are so good that most screens will not have ghost images after going through this reclaiming process. This reduces the need for haze removers.

• A simple design which is easy to use and maintain. Heavy-duty machines produce dependable quality screens and are cost-efficient to use.

• Internal separation between the ink removal, emulsion remover, and high-pressure modules. This separation prevents chemicals from mixing and reduces use of the cleaning chemicals.

• Suitable for installation in production areas. Reclaim machines are simple to use and do not need an operator from the screen department.

• An eco-friendly solution providing safe working conditions for employees and operators.

• A range of completely automatic machines with customizable layouts. Modular systems are custom designed and allow for expansion upgrades. These screen printing machines grow with your business when it expands or needs better solutions.

Our Wide Selection of Screen Printing Equipment

Kor-Chem offers a full range of automatic screen printing equipment. We have options for cleaning, reclaiming, and screen developing. Our variety of equipment helps you streamline your business. They also help with cost and time-saving efficiencies. InPro’s machine concepts are specially designed. They are right for the textile, industrial, and graphic industries. We offer automatic screen cleaning and reclaiming machines in our TigerClean series.

TigerClean Automatic Screen Reclaiming System | Kor-Chem 

InPro Automatic Screen Developing System

InPro TigerClean screen developing machines are perfect for automating the screen developing process. InPro Developers can accommodate a wide variety of designs. From very fine detail to wide areas of emulsion, this developer washout solution does a fantastic job. The InPro TigerClean developing machine is a heavy-duty machine. It’s a great choice for your screen printing equipment needs.

The InPro Developer Series provides an excellent screen washout solution. InPro developing machines feature dual pressure rinse jets. The dual jet systems give high-quality, consistent, and dependable results.

TigerClean Developer Features

InPro TigerClean Developer Series Features:

• An automatic screen developing solution. You no longer need to wash out new screens by hand. Place your new imaged screen on the automatic conveyor and let the developer wash out the screen.

• The closed process chamber eliminates water vapor from escaping into the screen room.

• Rubber flaps to aid in the screen drying process without damaging emulsion. For faster drying, add an optional air knife screen dryer system to the developer.

• Highest safety ratings and completely CE-safe rated and compliant.

• InPro machines have simple designs that are easy to use and maintain.

• Rugged, heavy-duty machines which still consistently produce dependable quality screens.

• Modular systems which allow for expansion upgrades as needed, so they’re able to grow with your business.

• Eco-friendly solution that provides safe working conditions for employees.

TigerClean Screen Developer | Kor-Chem 

InPro TC-Combi-Eco

Screen Automation for Pre-Press & Post-Press

Are you looking for screen printing equipment which will help to reduce your labor time and to work more efficiently? The Combi-Eco is the perfect fit! TC Combi-Ecos offer two processes in one piece of screen printing equipment. This machine offers both screen developing and high pressure washing for cleaning screens. It can also connect with the optional in-line UV LED exposure system, which allows ultra-fast screen exposure.

The automatic high-pressure rinse provides the perfect solution for rinsing screens. Using the special INPRO nozzle system helps achieve the highest cleaning results. When cleaning out a printed screen, first remove the ink from the screen in a dip tank or a manual ink removal booth. Then place the screen on the belt where it will be automatically fully cleaned and dried. The TC Combi-Eco is also suitable for high-pressure cleaning haze removers. And the Combi-Eco is great for removing pre-softened emulsions, water inks, and degreasers.

Screen Developing Process

For developing the screen, turn two valves to flip the machine into developing mode. Pressure rinse jets produce fast and dependable washout results. In this way you get multiple uses from this screen printing equipment and a very quick return on your financial and floor space investments. The Combi-Eco also helps with reducing the labor hours and effort needed for all water rinsing functions. This efficiency improves both the pre-press and post-press cycles. This is another way it saves your screen printing operation both time and money.

The InPro TC Combi-Eco automatic screen Exposure & Developing system provides the perfect solution. TC Combi-Ecos are great to complement Computer to Screen based screen imaging systems. The Combi-Eco offers excellent exposure and washout for all types of artworks. It allows you to produce detailed results, such as very fine linework and subtle highlight halftone dots.

UV-LED Optional Feature

The UV-LED box offers ultra-fast screen exposure, through the use of powerful and reliable UV-LEDs. The UV-LEDs are arranged on a full panel array which provides a focused and even spread of UV light across the screen. The LEDs provide the ideal wavelength to work with all types of screen emulsion. With the optional docking kit, existing, or new to install UV-LED boxes can connect to the Combi-Eco.

TC Combi-Eco | Kor-Chem 

InPro TC Combi-Ecos feature:

• Automatic high-pressure wash for cleaning the screens.

• Completely automatic screen exposure and developing.

• No dedicated people needed for developing finer mesh.

• Labor saving during the water rinse needed in pre-press & post-press.

• High-quality results due to the special INPRO nozzle system.

• Safer working conditions without direct personnel exposure.

• Simple design that is easy to use and maintain.

• Heavy-duty machines built with A1 parts.

• A budget priced machine with a fast ROI of 1-1.5 years.

• Customers can install this plug and play Combi-Eco machine themselves. There is no need for the expense or hassle of hiring an installation service.

• InPro technology offers “simplicity in performance”.

• Highest in safety and marked with CE rating.

Dip Tanks

Kor-Chem Dip Tank Systems streamline your operations to help you save time and money. Dip Tank Systems create production efficiency. Adding dip tanks to your screen printing equipment can help semi-automate your screen reclaiming process. This is an easy way to help make your business more efficient. This happens through an assembly line style approach to screen reclaiming. Dip tanks allow you to achieve that approach.

By using Kor-Chem Dip Tank Systems you will use less chemicals and need less labor, saving you both time and money. Compare the Dip Tank System to the standard manual screen reclaim process. The standard reclaim process uses 4 chemicals, with a rinse between each chemical for a total of 8 steps. Kor-Chem’s Dip Tank Systems use 2 chemicals with a rinse after each for a total of just 4 steps. That’s 50% less chemicals required and 50% less labor needed!

System Options

Kor-Chem’s Dip Tank Systems are available in two sizes. The larger size is designed for automatic size screens and there is a smaller option designed for manual screens. Both sizes feature one-piece molded polyethylene construction. And they have small floor-space footprints to make them easier to fit into your screen printing operation space.

Kor-Chem’s Manual Screen Dip Tank System Includes:

• 14-Gallon Dip Tank and Lid

• Screen hold down rod and handle

• Dimensions: 24”W x 30”H x 4.5”D

• Sturdy polyethylene construction

• Fits screen sizes up to 20” ×24”

Our Automatic Screen Dip Tank System Includes:

• 37-Gallon Dip Tank and Lid

• Screen hold down rod and handle

• Dimensions: 30”W x 36”H x 8”D

• Sturdy polyethylene construction

• Threaded drain port and faucet to allow for easier draining when the solution needs to be changed

• Fits screen sizes up to 23” ×31”

We also offer a variety of larger size Dip Tank Systems.

• Custom built per your specifications when you place an order

• Sizes range options from 50 to 180-gallon capacities

• Sturdy, re-enforced polyethylene construction

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