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Emulsion removers are a vital screen printing supply for any print shop.


Textile and graphic shops alike know screen re-stretching or re-meshing is expensive. Kor-Chem emulsion removers provide a low cost per screen solution for removing emulsion. They get your screens prepared for reuse.

The Kor-Chem line of emulsion removers are fast-acting on all emulsion types. We have several specialized options. We have removers designed for capillary films, diazo, dual cure, hybrid, water resist, and pure photopolymer emulsions. Our products are available in both ready to use and concentrate. They are biodegradable, non-flammable, and low odor.

Excellent for Use in Automatic or Manual Applications

If you use automatic screen reclaim equipment, selecting the right and best emulsion remover is an important decision. Ours are designed to work perfectly with automatic screen cleaning systems. We combine our powerful emulsion removers with our low-foaming degreaser technology. The end result is ultra-clean screens that are already degreased and ready for coating once dry.

For manual applications, we make using Kor-Chem emulsion removers a simple process. Apply the solution to both sides of the wet screen. Allow the solution to dissolve the emulsion. Scrub the stencil area on both sides to aid in a more complete removal. Then, rinse with high-pressure water. No degreasing is usually required, except when applying capillary films. That’s it!

Overview of our Emulsion Remover Options

Here is a quick overview of the Kor-Chem screen printing emulsion removers:

ER-1-2-5 is a concentrated emulsion remover. It excels at fast removal of emulsions and capillary films from screens. Great for either both spray or wipe-on application. ER-1-2-5 has built in degreasers that reduce steps in the reclamation process.

ER-130 is an emulsion remover concentrate. Ideal for fast removal of diazo, photo polymer, and capillary film emulsions. ER-130 is excellent in spray bottle, sponge, scrub pad, or pump system applications. ER-130 will increase reclaim efficiency and reduce labor time per screen.

ER-160 is a non-foaming emulsion remover for use in automatic screen reclaiming equipment. It removes many types of emulsions and capillary films from screens. And it’s gentle enough to not damage the screen mesh. This product is extra-concentrated for max strength and economy. This concentration translates into significant cost savings with an affordable cost per use. ER-160 is biodegradable and contains no VOCs.

ER-190 is the most concentrated emulsion remover available today. It removes any type of direct emulsion or capillary film from screens. Formulated with powerful degreasing and wetting agents. ER-190 reduces extra steps and leaves the screen degreased and ready to use. ER-190 is biodegradable and contains no VOCs. One 8fl.oz. bottle of ER-190 makes 5 gallons of ready-to-use emulsion remover!

TigerStrip 200 – Designed for the InPro TigerClean machine

TigerStrip 200 is designed for use as an emulsion remover in InPro TigerClean automatic reclaim machines. This product is extremely effective on a wide range of emulsions. It works well on direct emulsions, dual cure, diazo, pure photopolymer emulsions, and capillary films. TigerStrip 200 is concentrated and non-foaming. It is fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

We have an emulsion remover for every screen printing emulsion and application.

Emulsion Removers - Kor-Chem