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Why get a great screen printing emulsion


Good is the enemy of great. Great screen printing results start with an excellent stencil, and the best stencils start with the right emulsion. Kor-Chem’s screen printing emulsions are extremely high-quality, easy to apply to the screen, and easy to reclaim. Our screen printing emulsions are designed and manufactured for outstanding performance. They also deliver consistent batch to batch results. As your business continues to grow, don’t let production slow down due to inferior “good” supplies.

If you use automatic screen reclaim equipment, your emulsion choice is even more important. Choose the wrong emulsion and the emulsion chamber in your auto reclaim machine will be a stringy, gooey mess. Kor-Chem’s screen printing emulsions work perfectly with automatic screen cleaning systems. Combine our emulsions with Kor-Chem emulsion removers. This makes reclaiming your screens easier than ever.

Screen Printing Emulsion Features and Benefits

Kor-Chem’s screen printing emulsions feature very fast exposure and drying times to keep your production moving. Our emulsions are very versatile and produce halftones and line art. These high-solid formulas are very durable on long print runs. Also, higher solids means less emulsion needed on the screen and a lower cost per screen!

Kor-Chem screen printing emulsions are compatible with plastisol, solvent, UV, and water-based inks. Our emulsions are available in ready-to-use one part formulas that do not require the addition of sensitizer. These emulsions provide excellent mesh bridging and leveling for low Rz values. They also have balance color for easy inspection and on-press registration. Kor-Chem emulsions have an extended shelf life, develop easily, and reclaim without staining.

Instructions for Use

To use Kor-Chem emulsions simply follow these general instructions:

DEGREASE. Using DG 520 mesh degreaser work up a lather on both sides of the mesh. Flood screen and frame thoroughly with water.

COAT. Slowly apply first coat to the print side. Then coat squeegee side with one coat. Always end coating on the squeegee side of the screen.

DRY. Thoroughly dry the screen in a horizontal position, print side down, using a totally dark, clean drying cabinet. Temperatures should not exceed 110°F (43°C).

EXPOSE. Place emulsion side of the positive onto the print side of the screen. Exposure time is very short. Do a step exposure test for obtaining the correct exposure time or use an exposure calculator. See exposure guidelines.

DEVELOP. Gently spray both sides of screen with lukewarm water, wait 30 seconds, then gently wash print side of the screen until the image is fully open. Rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry completely. See our screen developing equipment for information on how to reduce your screen developing time.

RECLAIM. Apply a Kor-Chem emulsion remover such as ER-130 to both sides of the screen using a scrub pad. Scrub both sides of the screen and let it dissolve the emulsion. Pressure wash the entire screen on both sides. Apply more reclaimer if needed. Do not let the reclaimer dry on the screen. Always keep the stencil wet until the emulsion is completely removed from the mesh.

Kor-Chem’s screen printing emulsions always deliver high-quality images by offering solid performance at a reasonable price. They also reduce the need to remake screens.

Screen Printing Emulsion - Kor-Chem