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Silk Screen Dip Tank


Kor-Chem dip tank systems are a great solution for streamlining screen cleaning operations. Silk screen dip tanks help you save time and money by creating production efficiencies. They are essential screen printing equipment that semi-automate the screen reclaiming process. These efficiency gains are through the assembly line style approach to screen cleaning and reclaiming.

Cost Savings with Kor-Chem’s Dip tank systems
By utilizing Kor-Chem dip tank systems, you will use less chemicals and save labor. Compare our dip tank system to the standard manual reclaim process. The standard reclaim process uses 4 chemicals with a rinse between each chemical and 8 total steps. Kor-Chem’s Dip tank systems use 2 chemicals with a rinse after each for a total of 4 steps. That’s using 50% less chemicals and 50% less labor!
Combine Kor-Chem Dip tank systems and screen printing supplies for the greatest value and savings. Kor-Chem offers one stop shopping for silk screen dip tank equipment, dip tank solutions, and screen printing supplies. Our dip tank solution products, called Complete and CP-2, provide industry-leading performance and value. Kor-Chem dip tank solutions last longer and clean more screens than most other products. Why? Because Kor-Chem’s dip tank solutions use the latest chemical technology. Our solutions are optimized for dip tank use.   
Dip Tank System Features
Our silk screen dip tank systems are available in two affordable sizes. One size is designed for automatic size screens and the other is for manual screens. Each of our dip tanks feature sturdy, one-piece molded polyethylene construction. The dip tanks are chemical-resistant and are guaranteed to be leakproof.  The small footprint of each size dip tank requires only minimal floor space. Kor-Chem dip tanks offer simple designs, which are very low maintenance and only need periodic dip tank solution change out.
All of Kor-Chem Dip tank systems use durable ¼” polyethene construction. Included with each dip tank is a screen hold down rod and handle, dip tank lid, and protective shipping box. Our silk screen dip tanks also feature a built-in drip ledge that helps catch dip tank solution as it runs off the screen. 
Available Sizes
Manual size dip tanks have a 14-gallon capacity and fit screen sizes up to 20”x24”. The manual screen dip tank dimensions are 24” W x 30” H x 4.5” D.  
Automatic screen size dip tanks have a holding capacity of 37 gallons. These dip tanks feature a threaded drain port and faucet with an on/off switch. The faucet allows for easier draining of the dip tank when your dip tank solution needs changing. The automatic screen size dip tank has dimensions of 30” W x 36” H x 8” D and fits screen sizes up to 23” x 31”. 
Custom Dip Tanks
Kor-Chem also offers a variety of larger size Dip tank systems. These dip tanks are custom built according to your order. These custom-built silk screen dip tanks also feature chemical-resistant, reinforced polyethylene construction. The capacity sizes range from 50 gallons all the way up to 180 gallons for custom-built dip tanks. Contact us at for more information about our custom-built dip tanks. 

Looking to gain even more screen room efficiency? Check out our automatic TC Combi Eco which can be combined in line with Kor-Chem silk screen dip tank systems.

Silk Screen Dip Tank - Kor-Chem